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Transitions Travel Training

Learning how to access and use the MWRTA fixed route bus system has never been this exciting and easy!

Click here to view the Transitions Travel Training brochure.

Transitions Program Steps:

  1. Sign-up: Call MWRTA Customer Service at 508-935-2222 and ask to speak with a Transition Travel Trainer
  2. Evaluation
  3. Training
  4. Follow-up to Training

These four easy steps will have you on your way to riding the MWRTA fixed route bus system safely and independently!

Transition Graduates will be able to say this program opens the door to:

  • Additional independent living skills
  • Increased independence
  • Increased travel confidence
  • Greater opportunities for employment in
  • Other areas
  • More access to community activities

Two Scenarios of Travel Training Available:

  1. General: Learn to travel throughout the entire MWRTA fixed route system.
  2. Destination-based: Learn to travel to and from a specific destination (for example: doctor’s office, post office, library, pharmacy, place of employment, etc.).

Travel training to fit everyone’s needs.

Three Types of Travel Training Available:

  1. One-on-One Training
  2. Classroom/Group Training
  3. Train the Trainer

Outcomes of Transitions Program

  • Transitioning to a more independent lifestyle
  • Recognizing bus numbers
  • Arriving on time and safely to destinations
  • Noticing the different transfer points throughout the system
  • Satisfying the desire to go where you want to go
  • Increased travel confidence
  • Traveling with an awareness of your surrounding environment
  • Increased knowledge of the fixed route bus system
  • Orientated comfortably to the fixed route bus system
  • Not having an excuse to go out and be adventurous
  • Staying active in the community

And remember...This program is currently FREE of charge!

Interested? Fill out the form below to have a Travel Trainer contact you or call us at 508-935-2222 and ask to speak with a Travel Trainer.

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