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MetroWest Regional Transit Authority

Framingham Commuter Rail Station Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services

November 2017 – April 2018

Price Solicitation

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (“MWRTA”) is seeking written price quotations from qualified contractors for snow plowing and deicing services at the Framingham Commuter Rail Station (“FCRS”) parking lots, more particularly described as the “Route 135 Commuter Lot” and both of the “Franklin Street Area Commuter Lots #1 and #2”, as identified in the plan, attached hereto, including all sidewalks and drop-off areas located therein (the “Parking Lots”).

Scope of Work

The selected contractor (the “Contractor”) shall provide snow plowing and de-icing services at the Parking Lots as required or as directed by the MWRTA Director of Intermodal Operations (the “Services”) and shall be responsible for coordinating the Services with the snow plowing activity performed by the commuter rail operator, Keolis Commuter Services, which is responsible for clearing walkways (above stairway) and the railroad platform.

The Contractor shall be responsible for providing all the necessary equipment to perform the Services and, within five (5) days of selection, shall provide MWRTA with a list of equipment that will be used in performing the Services, which Equipment to be available at all times and used exclusively in carrying out the Contractor’s obligations under the terms of the contract for services.

The Contractor shall assign one supervisor to manage the Services to ensure quality of service, safety and the fulfillment of the Contractor’s obligations.

The standard snowfall for triggering the Services shall be one (1) inch, unless otherwise directed by the Director of Intermodal Services. Snow shall be cleared from the Parking Lots by 4:00 AM and during weekday peak rush hours, the same shall be treated down to pavement. All snow shall be plowed to a storage area designated by MWRTA. For an additional cost, MWRTA, in its sole discretion, may authorize and direct Contractor, to relocate the snow build-up from the designated storage area to another onsite or offsite snow storage area. This service will need to be completed during off-peak hours under the direction of the MWRTA.

De-icing shall be provided on an as needed basis. Deicing material shall be provided by the MWRTA, which shall be stored and loaded at the MWRTA facility located at 15 Blandin Avenue, Framingham.

The MWRTA shall make payment for Services rendered by the Contractor from a monthly invoice submitted by the Contractor and approved by the MWRTA. Payment shall be made within twenty-one (21) days of approved invoice.


The Contractor shall maintain and pay for worker’s compensation, general liability, automobile, and umbrella insurance for the minimum amount required outlined below (the “Insurance Requirements”). Contractor agrees to deliver to MWRTA within five (5) days of the date of this Agreement and thereafter at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of any policy a certificate of insurance which shall incorporate the Insurance Requirements. Attached to each certificate of insurance shall be a copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement that is part of the Contractor’s Commercial General Liability Policy, Commercial Automobile Policy, and Commercial Umbrella Policy. These certificates and the insurance policies shall contain a provision that coverage is afforded under the policies will not be cancelled or allowed to expire until thirty (30) days prior written notice has been given to MetroWest Regional Transit Authority. MetroWest Regional Transit Authority and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Keolis Commuter Services, LLC and CSX Corporation (the “Railroad Companies”) shall be named as an additional insured on a primary and non-contributory basis on all liability and excess policies.

A. Minimum Required Insurance Limits (coverage on an occurrence basis)

i. Commercial General Liability (CGL) with limits of Insurance of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) each occurrence and Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) Annual Aggregate without snow plow exclusion.

a) If the CGL coverage contains a General Aggregate Limit, such General Aggregate shall apply separately to each Parking Lot.

b) CGL coverage shall be written on ISO Occurrence form CG 00 01 (10 93) or a substitute form providing equivalent coverage and shall cover liability arising from premises, operations, independent contractors, products-completed operations, and personal and advertising injury.

c) Metrowest Regional Transit Authority, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Keolis Commuter Services, LLC and CSX Corporation shall be included as insureds on the CGL, using ISO Additional Insured Endorsement CG 20 10 (11 85) or CG 2010 (10 93) AND CG 20 37 (10 01) or CG2033 (10 01) AND CG2037 (10 01) or an endorsement providing equivalent coverage to the additional insureds. This insurance for the additional insureds shall be as broad as the coverage provided for the named insured subcontractor. It shall apply as primary and non-contributing insurance before any other insurance or self-insurance, including any deductible, maintained by, or provided to, the additional insured.

ii. Automobile Liability

a) Business Auto Liability with limits of at least $1,000,000 each accident.

b) Business Auto coverage must include coverage for liability arising out of all owned, leased, hired and non-owned automobiles.

c) Business Auto coverage must include as insureds all entities that are additional insureds on the CGL.

d) Business Auto must have the pollution broadening endorsement included.

iii. Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

a) Employers Liability Insurance limits of at least $500,000 each accident for bodily injury by accident and $500,000 each employee as provided by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 152, as amended, covering all work and services done on or about the Parking Lots with respect to which claims for death or bodily injury could be asserted against MWRTA or the FCRS Property. Such insurance shall contain a waiver of any and all subrogation rights against MWRTA and the Railroad Companies. Each of Contractor’s subcontractors (if any) shall have similar policies covering their employees

B. Waiver of Subrogation

Contractor shall waive all rights of subrogation against MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, the Railroad Companies and their respective agents, officers, directors and employees for recovery of damages to the extent these damages are covered by commercial general liability, commercial umbrella liability, business auto liability or workers compensation and employers liability insurance maintained per requirements stated above.

C. Indemnification

To the extent of the amount of the coverage set forth in the Insurance Requirements, regardless of whether coverage is provided by an insurance company, the Contractor hereby acknowledges and agrees that it shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, the Railroad Companies and each of their respective officers, directors, members, employees, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries and partners from and against any and all claims, damages, judgments, settlements, losses and expenses, including but not limited to, attorney’s fees, arising from any causes of action, suits, claims, demands or judgments of any nature whatsoever that may be imposed upon or incurred by or asserted against MWRTA or the Railroad Companies by reason of any of the following occurrences:

a) Any accident, injury to, or death of any persons or any damage to property occurring on the FCRS Property arising out of or in any way related to the activities of Contractor hereunder or the exercise by Contractor of any rights or privileges hereby granted; or

b) The presence of any hazardous materials on the FCRS Property which is a result of Contractor’s activities hereunder,

c) Any failure of Contractor to perform or comply with any of the terms hereof or of any contracts, agreements or restrictions, statutes, laws, ordinances or regulations affecting the activities allowed hereunder, or any part thereof.


Site Visit

A site visit will take place on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 11AM at the Route 135 Commuter Lot.


For all inquiries, please contact Bruce Willens, at by 11AM on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Submission Deadline

Price quotes must be submitted on the attached Price Proposal Form. Deadline for price quote submission is 11AM on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 15 Blandin Avenue, Framingham, MA 01702 or via email to


The Framingham Commuter Rail Station Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services contract will be awarded on Monday, November 13, 2017 by 2PM. Contract will be executed immediately following notice of award.

MetroWest Regional Transit Authority

Framingham Commuter Rail Station Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services

Price Proposal Form

All proposers must quote prices for every category included herein. Failure to provide prices for all categories may result in the Proposal being deemed non-responsive.

The undersigned hereby submits the following rates for as described in the solicitation of written price quotations from qualified contractors for snow plowing and deicing services at the Framingham Commuter Rail Station:

A. Rates for Snow Plowing

.1”-2” $_______ per occurrence

2.1”-6” $_______ per occurrence

6.1”-12” $_______ per occurrence

12.1”- 18" $_______ per occurrence

18.1”- + $_______ per occurrence

B. Rates for De-icing

De-icing rate per application: $______________

C. Rates for Authorized Storage Area Snow Relocation

Hourly rate: $__________

Name of Proposer: _____________________________________________________________________

Authorized Signature: ____________________________ Date: __________________________

Print Name: ____________________________________ Title: __________________________

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