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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 6, 2014

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) Advisory Board met on Monday, October 6, 2014 at 4:30 pm, at 37 Waverly Street, Framingham, MA, at the call of Mr. Joe Nolan, Chair.

In attendance were:Edward Carr/MWRTA Administrator, Patrick Moynihan/MWRTA Counsel, Joe Nolan/Wayland, Kathleen Bartolini/Southborough, Walter Bonin/Marlborough, Ed Burman/Ashland, Michelle Ciccolo/Hudson, Deb Galloway/Sudbury, Jay Marsden/Holliston, Jason Smith/Framingham, Christina Winterfeldt/Sherborn, Toni Wolf/Weston.

Also in attendance was:John Glynn/MWRTA Consultant, Tom Cain/Acting General Manager (GM) First Transit, Warren Griffin/Vietnam Veteran of Natick, and John McGilvray/Former Veteran’s Officer of Natick.

MWRTA Staff:Eva Willens, Linda Murtagh, Carl Damigella, Sara White and Joy Glynn.

The meeting began at 4:40 pm.

Mr. Nolan declared a quorum was present.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

A motion was made by Joe Nolan to waive the reading of and approve the previous minutes as stated.

Second by Christina Winterfeldt:No opposition The vote was unanimous.

Administrator’s Report:

Mr. Carr indicated this is an informational meeting. He introduced Tom Cain/Acting GM First Transit, previous GM left for medical reasons.New GM will come on board next Monday.

Blandin Ave Project is on time and on budget.

Mr. Carr would like to take each of the board members on a tour of the facility.

RFPs are being developed thru December for the CNG Filling Station and Services (Demand Response & Fixed Route).

13 new Fixed Route buses have arrived.

Construction on the Banana Lot at the MBTA Framingham Station was discussed. Mr. Carr stated that it will be a huge improvement and a great opportunity/partnership with the MBTA. First / last mile ridership focus.

MWRIDE / Wellesley, Weston & Dover may possibly hold public hearing, outreach and negotiations.

Central Reservations Project has been ongoing with Holliston for the past 3 months.

Boston Scientific Commuter Shuttle (BCBS) – A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled at the Shelter in Marlborough this Thursday, October 9th @ 10 am.All are welcome to attend. Funding comes from public and private sector business partnership; this is a model for other businesses and towns.

The MetroWest Center for Independent Living (MWCIL) 2014 Gala is scheduled for Friday, October 24th.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 2014 Triennial and the Internal Audit have been completed and the MWRTA did very well on both of these requirements.

NTD & Ridership Reporting will transition from contractor (past 7 years), to an in-house function. Past reporting had experienced a small inflation of numbers.Currently a 5.4% increase in ridership at the MWRTA; Fixed Route is up 6.7% while Demand Response is up .44%.

MWRTA’s relationship with Framingham State University (FSU) is helping with the federal formulas.

Demand Response is low, as the RTA increases the Travel/Training Program, to put customers on the Fixed Route.Tiered Service – Extended Service per ADA regulations should mirror Fixed Route.Tier 1 is declining / Tier 2 based on Fixed Route hours/time is filling in.

Fares are being reviewed and will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.There may need to be changes made. Changes would require public hearings and board approval, for implementation in the July 1, 2015 timeframe.Jason Smith suggested a benchmark analysis implementation for July 1, 2015.Joe Nolan mentioned possible schedule for public hearings, etc. in April/May timeframes.

Eva Willens distributed Ethnicity Chart for Title VI and indicated this is a requirement for FTA reporting.

Marine Corp League:Warren Griffin and John McGilvray.

Mr. Carr introduced and welcomed Harold Rhodes of Milford.

Old Business: None

Audit Committee:

The Audit Committee, consisting of Joe Nolan and Jay Marsden, met with Roland Lambalot to discuss the Auditor Review Report.There was a suggestion for MWRTA Accountant John Glynn, to create a format for tracking Federal Grants to avoid any discrepancies under $5,000, to be depreciated, no vote needed to authorize.

This will be the second year of the contract, with Roland Lambalot.

Evaluation Committee needs 3-4 volunteers to review the Administrator’s Goals and Objectives. It will necessitate attendance at a few meetings:

The following members will make up the committee:

Ed Burman

Kathy Bartolini

Jay Marsden

Disability Community Representative:

Debra Galloway introduced Sudbury Disability Community Representative, Susan Stocker.

A motion was made by Kathy Bartolini to bring Susan Stocker onto the MWRTA Advisory Board.

Second by Walter Bonin:No opposition – The vote was unanimous.

Legislation 161B, Disabled Community Member would allow him/her a vote on the board. Union Rider Representative would have a similar vote to Disabled Community vote.The Union is charged to send 1 representative from the list of 5.AFL/CIO letter in the packet identifies individual asking the Administrator to approve the Union member as the statute states. Toni Wolf questioned the purpose of the legislation.MWRTA General Counsel, Pat Moynihan stated that this is to appoint a Union person to the Advisory Board. It is a result of proposed legislation that passed, yet it is difficult to locate 5 riders who meet the criteria and want to do this.Riders Union is a subset of AFL/CIO. Some discussion ensued, with no action taken.

A motion was made by Jason Smith to table this discussion.

Second by Ed Burman:No opposition – The vote was unanimous.

Blandin Ave:

Mr. Carr proposed to have built, a Black Granite Veterans Memorial to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. It would represent the 15 RTA communities.The Memorial would include the names of those who died only. There will be room for others.

The formation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee would consist of:

Warren Griffin of Natick – Private Fund Raising (no RTA operational budget impact)

John McGilvray of Natick – Technical / Names

Ed Carr – Design (enhance the bus terminal / HUB)

A motion was made by Jason Smith to provide the location of the Black Granite Veterans Memorial at the new MWRTA Maintenance and Operations Center at 15 Blandin Ave.

Second by Jay Marsden:No opposition – The vote was unanimous.

The memorial will have a positive aspect for the public. The memorial will draw people to the Hub.It will list the names of those who died only (not MIA) and the artist will be the same individual who did the work on 911 Memorial in Natick.

A motion was made by Jason Smith to move forward with the design to be presented to the board, at earliest convenience.

Second by Jay Marsden:No opposition – The vote was unanimous.

Other Business:

Carl Damigella/Brand Management, Outreach and Travel/Training Coordinator provided the following update;

-Attended recent MAGIC Meeting

-Regional/Central Reservations (Holliston)

-Sudbury does not currently have Fixed Route

-Expand to surrounding communities

-Regional Coordinating Council (RCC)

oCarl Damigella, Chair

oCraig Coleman, Co-Chair

-Boston Scientific Commuter Shuttle (BSCS) shelter ribbon cutting on 10/9 (all are welcome for reception following). Expect increase in ridership.

-Hannaford & WalMart Hudson, requests via Outreach Sr. Centers.

-Queries also for Simarano Drive, from the train to employment.

-Possibly reach out to Route 20 (Joe Nolan mentioned Wayland).

Board Member Comments:

Ed Burman discussed School Safety Emergency Committee/Emergency Response Team, the city or town works with the MWRTA to evacuate (form partnership to supplement, if necessary). Mr. Burman stated that Ashland’s is live and up and running.

Joe Nolan recommended a model agreement can be used for other towns.Michelle Ciccolo/Hudson also mentioned the possibility of sharing school buses.

Christina Winterfeldt / Toni Wolf would like an updated contact list for the Advisory Board members, from the MWRTA.It was agreed the MWRTA would share updated member information with all of the board at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm

Next meeting scheduled for January 2015.



The undersigned being the duly qualified clerk of the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board, acknowledges that the foregoing minutes accurately reflect the actions taken at a legally convened meeting of the Advisory Board held on October 6, 2014.

Jay Marsden, Clerk

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